HVAC Preseason Maintenance 770-872-2757
Atlanta HVAC Preseason Maintenance 770-872-2757

Keeping your Atlanta home cool during the hot summer months is easy, so long as you have a properly functioning air conditioning unit. The key to comfort, however, is keeping your HVAC unit in good shape in order to prevent failure, and costly repairs. Call our expert team at 770-872-2757 for fast and reliable ac maintenance, both commercial and residential.

The Importance of Preseason Maintenance

Preseason maintenance should be performed at least once a year. Consider it a check up for your Atlanta area air conditioning unit. During this check up, a trained professional will inspect the wiring and parts on your unit, and check for any potential hazards. Wiring hazards can lead to house fires that can be responsible for loss of life and property. It is normal for wires coverings to wear down over time due to the elements, so it is vital that the connections are checked annually.

Lower Utility Bills

An Atlanta HVAC unit that is not functioning properly can affect your Georgia power bill. When an ac unit is not working at full capacity, your house will not feel as cool. To compensate for this, you likely will turn the temperature setting lower and lower, causing the unit to run for longer periods of time. The longer your Atlanta ac runs, the higher your utility bill will be. Since the unit is still technically working, you might not even notice that this is happening, until you get the bill. By taking advantage of preseason maintenance of your furnace, air conditioner and heat pump, you can prevent this from happening to you.

Extending Air Conditioning Equipment Life

Routine HVAC maintenance will help extend the overall life of your unit. Since the parts of the unit work together to cool your home, one bad part can cause other parts that are dependent on it to go down, or be damaged. This can cause the entire unit to need to be replaced. Replacing your unit can cost thousands of dollars. Sadly, most people could have avoided this expense had they had routine maintenance performed on their system.

Most people today are looking to cut the costs associated with maintaining their Atlanta home. This heating and air conditioning service, however, is extremely important, and should not be a part of these cuts. Especially since maintenance is so much more affordable than the cost to fix a problem if the unit breaks. If you have not had your unit inspected lately, now is the time to act.

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