When Should You Consider Having a Zoned Heating and Cooling System Installed?

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If you’re contemplating installing two or more separate heating and cooling systems to keep a consistent desired temperature throughout all of your rooms, or to keep everyone satisfied depending on their temperature preferences in their particular space, or any other reason where there is a need to be able to have multiple thermostats to control different spaces, then a more economical solution might be having a zoned heating and cooling system installed.

A zoned system is basically the use of separate motorized thermostats and dampers on one heating and cooling system that are placed wherever the need exists for areas of individual temperature control. The areas are usually connected rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room area, but if one single room has a lot of open space and multiple large windows you might want a separate thermostat to adjust for the sun’s effects.

In addition to not having the expense of having more that one system installed, it is estimated that as much as 25% can be saved on hvac utility bills by using a zoned system to only heat or cool the areas being occupied.

What Difference Does the Energy Star Rating on HVAC Equipment Make?

By purchasing a HVAC system with an energy star rating, you can get the same amount of heating and cooling without using as much energy. This helps the environment while saving you money on your annual energy costs. This is especially true if your current system is more than 10 years old and does not use the latest energy saving technology. It is also important to ensure you get the most efficiency from your new unit by having the system installed properly by a reputable contractor.

What is the Advantage of Having Preseason Preventative Maintenance on Cooling and Heating Systems?

When it comes to your furnace and air conditioner, the last thing you want is to have it fail when you need it most. By having a preventative “tune up” performed annually you have the peace of mind of knowing that the unit will keep running and therefore keep you and your family comfortable on the hottest days and the coldest nights. Also, by catching it early, an annual check up will prevent a relative minor problem in the system from escalating to a major inconvenience and expense later.

What is the Most Inexpensive Way to Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs?

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat you’re probably wasting a lot of energy and paying more than you should for heating and cooling. A programmable thermostat allows you set the degrees on your thermostat so that it automatically changes to different temperatures of operation for different times of the day and night. You can save energy and money by setting the thermostat cooler at night in the winter when you’re sleeping and not as cool in the summer, during the day, while you’re at work. It’s easy to program it to whatever temperatures are right for you, and the cost is miniscule compared to the savings – and don’t forget the satisfaction that you get from knowing that you’re doing the right thing for the environment.

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